Immigration Reform is Not About Workers

If you listened to this weeks episode of my show, you know that I no longer think the United States Chamber of Commerce is really, truly pro-business. In an interview with Bret Baier, Tom Donohue, CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce spoke to several important issues facing this country. Possibly the only thing that he got completely right is the fact that the slow "recovery" and huge job loss we are experiencing can be understood by looking at the past five years of Obama's presidency. It is, in fact, the socialist economic policies put in place by the current regime that are holding us back.

However, Mr. Donohue went on to dodge the question from a Twitter follower of whether Obama was telling the truth when he said that unemployment insurance actually creates jobs. As you remember, Obama made this claim while pushing for an extension of unemployment insurance. He claimed that unemployment insurance might allow people to turn up the thermostat or buy more bread, causing the companies that sell those things to hire more workers... ridiculous... Rather than give the obvious answer of "no way in hell does paying people to not work create jobs," Donohue rambled on about how we need to create "real jobs", effectively ducking the question.

It gets worse...

When asked about the rumblings being heard about the Republican leadership pushing for amnesty this year, and the US Chamber of Commerce, supporting them, Tom Donohue had a really interesting take on the subject. Donohue made claims that America NEEDS immigrants...that we NEED the workers. He says this as if there aren't millions of Americans currently unemployed. He states that a lot of innovation has taken place in the US with the help of immigrants. What he fails to see is that the US needs a managed immigration system. The illegal immigrants that have already broken our laws are generally not the types of immigrants that we need. We need immigrants that go through appropriate process and have some skill to offer that the country is in need of.

All of that being said, the main point here, and the point that I didn't have time to make on TNNS this week, is that this position on immigration reform really has nothing to do with workers or helping the economy or business growth. It has to do with one simple thing. Power. Tom Donohue, the spineless Republican leadership, and some of the big business that are all too eager to participate in this type of cronyism will support something as dangerous to this nation as amnesty because they think it will lead to votes. They think that whichever party pushes immigration reform the hardest will get the votes of the "dreamers" and they fail to remember the last time this was tried and the Republicans actually losing votes.

When Tom Donohue or John Boehner tell you that immigration reform is vital to the future of this country, don't believe them. They are in it for the power they think it can gain them. They are willing to go against the real desire of the American people in order to push through policy that will no doubt skew the political landscape to the left. Tom Donohue and the United States Chamber of Commerce are not supporting pro-business policy with this decision.









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